Wreckless Red Skins Deck High Concave 8.5

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Wreckless Red Skins Deck High Concave 8.5

Is it your turn to roll one? get your skating all wrapped up with wreckless and ting...

High Quality Skateboard made in Europe.

Manufactured by Jart Skateboards in the EU, our boards are made with the highest quality hard rock maple using the most modern press and screening machines of today to ensure longer life and better pop. These boards are produced to same high quality as Jart and other brands produced there.

Featuring Jart Skateboards new construction glue; The 2XS.
The composition is ECO friendly, best for the environment and for Jarts employers at the factory, and allow Jart to get the strongest decks ever made.

The shape is a the Super-high concave, an all around pro choice shape with a steeper nose and great concave from end to end.

Each deck is single pressed, their quality control guarantees the highest product reliability. Products are inspected at each stage of production.

Width: 8.5"
Length: 31.956"
Wheelbase: 14.2

Comes with free sheet of Mob griptape or you can choose a graphic grip and save 15% using the coupon GRF03 at checkout

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Deck Review, 16th Feb 2017

Reviewer: Lukasz Zganiacz

The deck feels fresh , exact same shape as a Super high concave jart , also comes with free mob grip , i am not a fan of the original wreckless logo series graphics but i really liked this one , also got 3 stickers within the deck packaging , if youre looking for a strong reasonably priced deck definitely get this :D

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