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USD Carbon White Kelso Pro

Aggressive skates have almost always been a combination of strong and solid plastic, often leaving them feeling heavy and looking bulky.

As skating has evolved, so too have skate technologies and indeed the desires and needs of skaters.

Skaters do not want their skates just to look great, but now also search for optimum performance and a lightweight slender looking boot.

With USD`s new skate, all the future desires and needs of a skater have been taken into account.

This skate will set a new standard in skate technology and one that will be hard to beat.

We are talking about the world’s first carbon fiber aggressive skate.

Comes with black and electric lime laces.

Size wise: We tried on a UK9 and it was a perfect fit. Take a 9 in a trainer, Razors, Remz etc.


Made of real Carbon fiber
Has both the appearance and fit of a shoe
35% less volume than a standard hard boot skate.
Extremely lightweight. The boot only weights just
685g in size 42, add the lightweight soulplate to this at just 250g leaving you a complete boot weighing under 1000g, again 30% lighter than any other boot on the current market.
Total control with direct power transfer in all movements,better feeling for grinds and jumps.
Low profile boot and soulplate means you are grinding only a few mm from the obstacle, rail or ledge.
Includes the new SIFIKA shock absorber.
100% genuine leather for long wear resistance.
Neoprene and Microfiber inside lining to prevent slip and to add control.
Slim and clean design

With a new product comes new developments. When USD took over the Carbon concept, we noticed a high quantity of customers finding the skate too small fitting for their size. We therefore decided to re-label the product. As a result the USD Carbonfits differently in size to the Deshi Carbon.

The USD Carbon skate has now been labeled down a size, this means that it now fits in relation to the other USD skates we produce, for example, a Deshi 42EU/8UK/9US is now labeled 41EU/7UK/8US.

“My brother said on a be-mag post that that carbons were the closest feeling to normal movement in a skate he ever felt....

I thought that line was pretty powerful because I always felt having detachable liners created a feeling of numbness...I mean that in a sense that I was restricted from actually feeling my grinds and I just couldn't move in them because I had all this excess material making my skate confined to limited movement....Carbons have no liner, their simply built with the perfect median of comfort...this is what allows carbons to be the only skate on the market that can resemble the size of a sneaker...I feel that part of rollerblading’s current unpopularity is due not only from skate boarder resentment but also to it's can hate me for saying this but I personally dont think a bunch of kids in skinny jeans rolling around with huge looking tank blades on helps us appeal to outside masses...that makes rollerbladers look goofy and awkward to a person that doesn’t know anything about see, Deshi is on the cutting edge of not only performance but fashion design as well for rollerbladers...the guys at Deshi really care about building a strong core appearance ...we want to help rollerbladers look good with a promise that it will feel good....everyone needs to try these.”

Colin Kelso, Deshi Pro.

“I don’t think I can stop skating carbons.. I’m the happiest I've ever been in my life skating them and I truly hope I’m supported for my decision by The Conference and I will be skating them at ze wintaclash. Knowing how I skate in carbons, I can never go back; there is no way I can go back. I just don’t want anybody to be mad, but I’m going to blame you guys for making too good of a product!

Carbons make me feel unstoppable. And I just want to be able to skate in front of the crowds with confidence and mobility..”

Sean Kelso, The Conference Pro.

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