Thunder Rebuild Kit

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Thunder Truck Rebuild Kit

These are the best value for money if you have bad bushings.

The whole kit includes:

4 x Cushions / bushings (what do you call them?)
4 x top + bottom washers
2 x kingpin nuts
4 x axle nuts
2 x pivot cups
1 x Thunder sticker

Each set is designed so all parts are the same colour, the whole set will completely transfor you deck

Just choose the hardness you prefer and get you skate tool ready

Red: 90 duro
Blue: 95 duro
Black: 100 duro

Customer Reviews

Average rating:

Sean McEntags, 14th Dec 2016

Reviewer: Sean Mcentaggart

Great product and a good price too. My bushings, kingpin and axle nut were in bits and now they feel good as new. Even look better now

Awesome Kit!, 9th Jun 2015

Reviewer: Dylan Coakley

One of my bushings actually snapped and popped out of my truck when I landed a trick. This pushed me to replace my very worn bushings. I was delighted to find this complete repair kit, as my Kingpin bolts, bushing caps and wheel nuts were also battered from use. My Thunder trucks were otherwise perfect. This kit gave my trucks a new lease of life and they now look almost brand new again!

This is exactly what I needed, 5th Sep 2013

Reviewer: Ross Duignan

My trucks are a couple of years old and I like tight trucks but the bushings and the pivot cups were completely battered so it was impossible to keep my them tight. Using this and replacing everything has made my trucks feel brand new again and I don't have to shell out €50+ for new trucks!

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