Loaded Cerviche

Loaded Cerviche


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Loaded Ceviche

With a built-in tail and subtle nose kick, this replacement for the Fish is a versatile link between carving bliss and old school/street skating. Camber and concave between the kicks allows for carving and pumping, while the nose and tail create a more surf-oriented feel with lots of opportunities for tricks. Loose and agile, it's time to explore the limits of your sidewalk and hill thrashing abilities.

Length: 33" / 83cm
Width:8.75" / 22cm
Wheelbase:20.25" / 51.4cm
Weight: deck only: 2.6lbs / 1.2kg
complete: 6.2lbs / 2.8kg

Epoxy and Tri-axle fiberglass sandwich a vert-lam Bamboo core, pressed into concave and convex cambers with nose and tail kicks for liveliness, responsiveness and an endless array of trick opportunities.

One stiff but snappy flex to keep all riders happy. Multiple truck placements let you customize the feel to your taste.

Trucks:Designed to work with a variety of trucks. In particular we recommend the Randal 150 and 125, Paris 150, Seismic 155, Tracker RTS, Carver C7 6.5” (mounted on the outer nose holes) and the CX 6.5".

Designed around 70mm or smaller wheels, including Orangatang 4Presidents A smaller wheel turns better, don’t forget!

Max Abec 5s: These are fast and durable, although there are many great bearings and we particularly recommend the Bones Swiss and Pleasure Tools.

Additional Setup:
Play around with kingpin tightness to adjust the looseness of the trucks. There are a lot of new bushings coming to market and they can make a huge difference in the ride. Go out and experiment.

Riding Tips:
The Ceviche can be ridden with a centered, slalom style stance for pumping, or off the tail for more of a surf thrash style. Learn to footbreak and slide. These are the safest ways to slow down at speed and they will increase your skills immensely as well as keep you safe on the hills.

The Fish graphic was originally designed by Jan Michael Bennett and influenced by ancient Japanese screens. The graphic was redesigned by Pablo and Diana of Nana Studio for the Fish. With the advent of the Ceviche, the graphic was baked into its current form.

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