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Element Jeph Howard S


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Kizer Element Jeph Howard Frames

Finally the real deal is ready to hit the shelves. Jeph Howards Pro frame is the hot new Element frame!

Black side walls, green H-block, and pastel green frame with print, these puppies are the strongest, best looking, and most customizable frames offered within the Inline industry.

1 pair incl. axles and spacers

Max Wheel size = 60mm outside, 58mm inside

Naturally, these Kizer elment Frames are UFS frames (universal frame system). That is, you can fix these frames on every boot which is available in our online shop.

Size S (for skate-sizes EU 38-41, UK 5-7)
Size L (for skate-sizes EU 42-47, UK 8-12 )

Element Review by Oli Benet:

I received some Element frames to test, film and photograph a couple of months ago from Kizer. I had already seen them at the ISPO, and I instantly liked them. They feel solid and well built, I like the idea of metal on skates, the shine just gives the impression of strength and hi-tech, thats something I really like about the Legacy skate, the shiny aluminium cuff is pure hardcore.

So I went out and tested these badboys, and immediately became friends with them.

The PLASTIC WALLS are made out of fluid frame plastic, in theory, they felt like the smoothest things ever...I guess thats the thing about fluid, they discovered material perfection over at Kizer and now use it for everything. The shape must also have something to do with it, with the angled walls the bolts are completely hidden, the friction is minimal, and lifespan becomes longer.

The GROOVE or H-Block is reversible. On one side it has a big, wide freestyle groove. This converts the Element frame into a freestyle frame, much the same as a type M frame. On the other side, a shallower fluid style grove, with which you can skate flat setup for precision grinding. Both sides of the block can be used with anti-rocker wheels.

The block is made from a new diamond combination and is smoother than a smoothie, and really really durable. Plus it does not join the outer walls, so it truly is a replaceable part.

The BOLTS are enhanced aluminium speed bolts. This means many positive things: You only need one alan key to screw and unscrew the bolts. They screw directly into the aluminium shell. Aluminum speed bolts. SPEED. That means that you will notice your wheels rolling faster due to the aluminum shell of the frame and the bolts. I don't know why exactly, im not a scientist, but these frames roll fast! Set deep into the walls of the frame, they look good and will never wear out or interfere with the grind.

The ALUMINIUM FRAME is as strong as a rock, with holes for minimal weight, shiny like a pirates treasure and aerodynamic like Cindy Crawford in her prime.

I really love this frame. Because it rolls fast, it grinds smooth, the groove is awesome, and I like the shiny metal accents, plus it will last you until your in an old folks home eating soup through a straw.

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