Jackson Vibe Skate UK 5

Jackson Vibe Skate UK 5


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Jackson Vibe Skate UK 5

Introducing the VIBE Create-a-Skate Package featuring Jackson boots, Atom Wheels and Bionic Bearings. Vibe is the perfect skate package solution for 'Fresh Meat' and anyone wanting to experience the fun of derby or recreational skating at an unbelievable price!

The Vibe skate package is available with your choice of Atom Wheels. All skates come with the Atom Bionic Bearings ABEC 7, and a Bionic PVC Adjustable toe stop. Black or lime green laces are available, if you want Green or Black add it to the comments on the checkout page.

The Jackson Vibe package comes with a choice of Atom Poison, G-Rod, or Juke wheels.

o Jackson Vibe boot - (black)
o Jackson plate
o Atom Wheels
o Bionic ABEC-7 bearings
o Bionic PVC Adjustable Toe Stop

To Add your wheels, find them here http://www.wreckless.ie/store/filtered/65/c_148/b_Atom/ add them to your cart. You can mix wheels if you want to have your own wheel set up, you can mix hardness's or widths just make sure that diameter are the same.

Product information
Atom Bionic Bearings ABEC 7

Why choose Bionic? Bionic bearings are made with TITANIUM balls rather than steel to optimize MAXIMUM roll. They also have a tighter bearing circumference with deep speed grooves for less rolling resistance.

High performance skate bearings
Lubricated with light race oil
No break-in period needed
Delrin Cage 20% lighter
Glass reinforeced cage
8mm (608)

Atom G-Rod 93a-
62mm x 44mm 93a, One of Atom's top selling wheels, The G-Rod is perfect for use on multiple surfaces including wood, sport courts and cement. Developed in total secrecy, the G-Rod was the most talked about wheel at the derby nationals in Austin, Texas. G-Rod is the hottest selling wheel on the market. With a 60D inner cap and 93A hardness, this wheel allows for the most grip and roll available on our "Hybrid Hollow Core". Made from High Quality Urethane with a hub.

SIZE 62mm
WIDTH 44mm

Atom Juke 2.0 -
59mm x 38mm, Introducing Atom's new and improved 59mm quad wheel, The Juke 2.0! The Juke wheel is known for its ability to accelerate, stop on a dime and manoeuvre through the pack like no other modern derby wheel! Perfect for flat track derby, great wheel with grip. For use on Grippy Sports Courts, Grippy Wood Floors and Concrete with Plastic. One of Atom's top selling wheels, Atom Juke 2.0 has been retooled for better overall performance. New nylon cores with Mechanical Lock (ML) Technology that improves wear will help to eliminate chunking and increase speed. Combine Juke 2.0s technology; along with its new lime green urethane and white nylon cap and we are confident they will turn heads on the floor along with outperforming the original Juke and its competition. Made from High Quality Urethane

SIZE 59mm
WIDTH 38mm
HARDNESS 88A, 93A, 95A, 97A

Atom Poison -
One of Atom's top selling wheels. The wildly popular Poison wheel, The Poison 62mm is perfect for outdoor tracks, slick sport courts, banked tracks & dirty wood floors With Atom's exclusive urethane, skaters will get none of that soft, marshmallow feeling while skating, as felt in other competitors hybrid wheels. Made from High Quality Urethane with a hub

Atom Poison - 62mm x 44mm 84a
Atom Poison Slim - 62mm x 38mm 84a
Atom Poison Slim 59mm - 59mm x 40mm 84a

Bionic Super Stoppers -
Bionic Super Stoppers are appropriate for today's high-performance roller sports and the demanding skater. Perfect for all skating surfaces, Bionic Super Stoppers have a large footprint, (45mm), for maximizing grip, stability and agility.

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