GSport Pleg pegs 3/8

GSport Pleg pegs 3/8


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GSport Pleg Bmx pegs 3/8


Yes Pleg, plastic pegs!!! Unless you've been living under a rock for the last two years, chances are likely that you already know a lot about the PLEGS. To sum it up, they are simple, cheap, light and STRUCTURAL plastic pegs. They aren't magic. They won’t pull the chicks in or make you invincible...

...They wont even add any length to your yard, but they WILL open up some new terrain for you. They WILL grind much more easily than steel, aluminium or titanium pegs on previously “untouchable” surfaces like aluminium, brick, and rough concrete. They WILL grind over a lot of the existing skate-stoppers and they just might make the local skatepark owner think twice about his "no-bikes" rule (especially if you also have Par Ends and plastic pedals). If the police or security accuse you of wrecking their marble ledges, then you just might be able to talk your way out of trouble by pointing the material out to them and explaining that they won't tear things up like metal pegs (and metal trucks!) can.

There may even be times when PLEGS seem too slippery for the trick you want to do, but we believe that once you try them that you'll probably want them on your bike more often than not. At just 4.3 ounces each (14mm version), or approximately half the weight of a light steel peg, you’ll probably decide never to go back to steel.

Now, if you set out to quickly wear the sleeve down, then guess what? You will! However, a replacement sleeve is half the price of an entire PLEG. When they are used sensibly, and rotated as necessary, they can last you a very long time.

You can run 4 plegs for almost the same weight as 2 lightweight steel pegs!!!

Price is for 1 pleg with adaptor. Please add 2 to the shopping cart to purchase a pair.

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