Blunt Hollow Core Wheel Polished 120mm


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Blunt Hollow Core Wheel Polished 120mm

120mm Hollow Core Wheels

We stuck with our tried and tested size of 120mm and mixed it up with a 26mm wide 86A PU, We then wrapped it around a hollow core.
The 26mm wide Pu gives extra protection to the core, gives a smoother more even ride and with the 86A Pu gives you a better rebound.

Why 120mm and not 125mm?
When Blunt started looking at creating a large wheel, it made sense to them to follow the evolution of the scooter wheel, 100mm, 110mm and to 120mm.
Blunt had their team test them alongside the 125mm and they all said not only does it look more “flush” on a scooter, the speed and performance was amazing. On top of all that, they felt it was time that scooters stepped away from the Roller Blade sizes and didn’t go the easy path of using an already open road skate mold.

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