Elite 2.0 Knee Pads XL

Elite 2.0 Knee Pads XL


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Atom Elite 2.0 Knee Pads

Atom Gear - Roller Skate Protective Gear
Inspired by the sport of Roller Derby, Julie Glass, AKA Atomatrix, recognized the need for dedicated derby protective gear, which she felt could raise the level of play. “The sport of derby is growing rapidly and while nearly all equipment associated with it has evolved, protective gear has been left behind. Early on, Derby adopted existing aggressive and skate boarding protective gear. Now however, skaters have advanced their skills and coaches have evolved game strategies to the point where protective gear must keep up. As the fastest growing female sport in the world, Derby deserves protective gear specifically designed for derby.”– Atomatrix

New from Atom, the Elite Knee Pads are the sleekest protective gear available while still providing maximum protection. High-density EVA foam pads strategically placed on both the inside and outside of the knees to protect knee ligaments and tendons.

Atom Gear Knee Pads Features:
New exterior hard plastic shell with flat surface for sliding
Kevlar covering to protect yourself and others during contact as well as the skating surface.
High-density EVA impact foam preshaped for precise positioning on front and sides to protect knee ligaments and tendons
Heavy-duty, perforated neoprene for mobility, comfort, and security
Silicon strip to prevent sliding
Upper and lower adjustable velcro straps

Atom have recently overhauled the Caps on Elite Knee Pads. The new, improved knee caps are larger, 10x stronger and have an improved shape that was designed with falling in mind.

Elite - Knee Pads
*measure 4" up from the top of your patella (knee cap)
XS (extra small) = 10"-12" circumference
SM (small) = 12"-16" circumference
MD (medium) = 16"-20" circumference
LG (large) = 20"-23" circumference
XL (extra large) = 23"+ circumference

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