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Name: Shane Doyle
Age: 27
From: Gorey
Stance: Reg
Board Size: 8 - 8.5"
Favourite Trick: Maydays
Favourite Drink: Captain Morgans
Favourite Place: beach
Favourite Park: Gorey skate park
Favourite Past time: skating obviously
So how long have you been skating for: 10 years on and off
Who is your Favourite: Daewon Song
How do you ride your board: hard
Song to skate to: Bobby Mcflaren - Dont worry be happy
Last skate video you seen that got you pumped to skate: Daewon Songs part in Skate More

Current set up
Board: Wreckless 8.5"
Trucks: Independent Stage 10 Forged 139
Wheels: Spitfire 50/50 Black white
Bearings: Bones Reds
Bolts: Indy 7/8"