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Name: Dave Murphy
Age: 15
From: Cork
Stance: goofey
Board Size: 8.0
Favourite Trick: kickflip bs lip slide
Favourite Drink: water
Favourite Place: skatepark
Favourite Park: mardyke skatepark
Favourite Past time: skateboarding
So how long have you been skating for: Ive been skating for about 6 years
Who is your Favourite: My favorite is ben rayborn and nyjah huston
How do you ride your board: I ride my board on any ramp dont have a fav like it all
Last skate video you seen that got you pumped to skate: Last vid that got me pumped is volcom true to this

Current set up
Board: Deadcanary skateboard deack
Trucks: Krux trucks
Wheels: bones wheel
Bearings: rockstar bearings
Bolts: independent bolt