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Name: Alex Levingston
Age: 20
From: Gorey
Which Foot Forward: Left Foot Forward
Frame Size: 20.4
Favourite Trick: tailwhips
Favourite Drink: Monster energy
Favourite Place: Wreckless
Favourite Park: Gorey Skatepark
Favourite Past time: Snap Chat
So how long have you been ridding for: 6 years
Who is your Favourite BMX rider: Harry Main
Last video you seen that got you pumped to go ride: Harry Main 2016

Current set up
Frame: Total BMX killabee 2.4
Handle Bars: united becon
Stem: Total BMX Teah Stem 48mm
Head set: Total BMX
Forks: Total BMX Limelights
Rims: Alienation
Hubs: Total BMX Tech hubs
Spokes: Total BMX Tech spokes Rainbow 186mm
Tires: Khe Mark Webb 2.3
Seat: Total BMX Black Jack stiched seat slim
Post: combo
BB: Total BMX
Sprocket: Total BMX Rock N Roll Light
Cranks: Total BMX Hangover
Pedals: Colony Fantastic
Chain: Hollow Link
Grips: Total BMX
Pegs: Total BMX Skinnies v2
Brakes: Salt Callipers, Snafu Mobius Giro, Odyssey Leaver