Charles Saunders

"Excellent service. I bought some goodies for my son for Xmas online. I got a few phone calls from the lads explaining what was going on. Much better than an anonymous automated e-mail which you normally get with on line shopping. Keep up the good work."

Helen Kate

"Stellar service, speedy delivery, great value in euros and very helpful and friendly staff. smile emoticon."

Jonathan Barry

"Fantastic to see amenities like this in Gorey. Really friendly staff and a fantastic setup."

Dylan Abu Crosbie

"Top quality spot great service, great park amazing events!"

Sä Rå

"This place makes me want to skate again!! Very helpful and engaging staff. Massive selection of goodies. Great to have such a venue in Gorey"

Karen George

"Excellent Speedy Service. Cheaper than all other shops and free delivery. A +++"

Lucás Robinson

"Very fast and reliable. Got a complete Enuff skateboard and for the quality of the board is well worth the money. Ordered on a Sunday night, delivered Tuesday morning. Happy out."

Cong Luong


Kostya Cahill

"Best skatepark, best people."

Fiona McStay

"Brilliant, were really helpful when I was starting out in roller derby, full of good advice."

Paul Fitzgerald

"Friendly and knowledgable staff and a great skatepark."

Rachel King

"Great skatepark. Amazing staff. We travel to gorey from donegal for holidays just so kids can enjoy wreckless."