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Name: Kostya Cahill
Age: 14
From: Carlow
Deck Size: 4.5
Favourite Trick: Inward Bri
Favourite Drink: Fanta
Favourite Place: Barcelona
Favourite Park: Wreckless Indoor
Favourite Past Time: Scooting
So how long have you been riding for: 2 years
Favourite Rider: Ryan Williams
How I ride: Regular
Last Video that go t you pumped to ride: Jeremey Malott All Around

Current Set Up
Grips: Eco
Handle Bars: Mgp Bat Wing with extenders
Clamp: Mgp oversized clamp
Headset: Mgp
Forks: Mgp D-Dam Fork
Wheels: Mgp end of days
Deck: Mgp 4.5 deck

Welcome To the Team Edit