Stock due in .....
So, the date says the item will be in stock on the xx/xx/201x what does it mean?
What does an expected date mean?
We have this item ordered with our supplier and it is due in around this date.

Can this change?
Yes, some products we put online are dated weeks in advance because our supplers have an idea of when they get the delivery and we in turn expect to get the products from them a couple of days after that date. So, if they get delayed, our date must be changed. This can be either put forward or backwards. We do our best to get this date as accurate as possible.

Can I buy these products now?
These products can still be purchased in the normal way. You will receive a Reservation/Layaway number. As soon as they arrive, they will be sent out immediately to you.

Can I add items to a pre-order and get it all delivered together?
Of course, just make a new order and add a comment to the order as you go through the checkout process.

These are when a company has a season coming out in about 2-6 months time and we get a chance to pre-order stuff from them. We offer you a chance to add to our order and get the freshest, newest and most importantly, the full choice the supplier offers.

If there are any companies your interested in and would like this opportunity, please get in touch with us.

MGP VX6 February 2016
We have an order for the new range of VX6 scooters. They are avilable now to be pre-booked and you will be the first to get them when they arrive into stock. There is a huge range in each style, Pro, Team, Nitro and Extreme. We will not be getting everything, so have added to our site a certain selection. If you want to see the full range of styles and colors available, please download the catalogue here asnd let us know which one you would be intrested in. We can include it with our order. Any questions, please free to email or ring. Thanks.