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Name: Mark Walshe
Age: 19
From: Gorey
Stance: Goofy
Board Size: 8.0
Favourite Trick: blunts
Favourite Drink: Karpackie, any polish beer
Favourite Place: Barcelona
Favourite Park: Gorey
Favourite Past time: skooterboarding
So how long have you been skating for: 5 or 6 years
Who is your Favourite: Bryan Herman
How do you ride your board: on 4 wheels, and sometimes on two
Last skate video you seen that got you pumped to skate: Dane Burmans Cold War section

Current set up
Board: Wreckless 8.0
Trucks: Thunder
Wheels: Bones
Bearings: Rockstar
Bolts: mix n match

Mark Walshe is now also sponsored by Rockstar Bearings, NYC USA.

Rockstar bearings are now available here in Wreckless, you can view our full range here Rockstar Bearings brand page. Also on the Irish team are Gav Coughlan, Keith Walsh and Darragh Forrester.


Small edit of team rider Mark Walshe and some of the Gorey lads.